The core strength of Sirius Global is Marketing Management and Branding solutions. We got excellent network in the vibrant electrical industry. With contacts at multi levels in different segments of electrical industry, we can develop strategies and planning for product or services, advertising, promotions, sales to reach desired customer segment. Our team of marketing professionals are ever ready to help any electrical company or industry to expand its business in India.

Sirius Global employs various metrics to measure progress of marketing strategies and employs very effective feedback systems. Our team of strategists and counsellors bring in-depth expertise, out of box ideas and trust building that together drive valuable impact on our customers’ businesses. With technology to depend upon, we are global in reach, but our people are local, with in-depth knowledge of markets, cultures and issues.

For all your B2B and B2C needs, we help you by engaging suitable and correct clients authentically. We create trust and confidence in both our clients and their customers. We, thereby, mitigate risks in fast and ever-changing business environment.

We at Sirius Global understand that brands are not just built by Companies but also by its customers. This simple principle is mastered by us and we bring in strategies so that customers are actively involved in building and expanding the brand of our clients.

To know more about how we can improve your brand and expand your sales & marketing base, please contact us.