Transformer Tanks

United Engineering Works (UEW) is a specialist fabrication facility for manufacturing Tanks for Transformers. UEW has decades of global and Indian experience in fabrication of Tanks for transformers. UEW has supplied tanks with stringent fabrication parameters for export to the UK and other countries. UEW Transformer tank comes with the following as standard.

  • Best Engineering practice
  • Attention to detail as Transformer tanks have various accessories
  • Plasma / Laser cutting of sheets and accessories
  • MIG welding
  • Complete leak testing with stringent procedure made out of years of global experience.
  • 100% straight and square fitting
  • Stud Welding with special studs eliminating leakage
  • Specific nuances like 5° gradient for Bucholtz fitting
  • Shot / Sand blasting
  • Epoxy primer and paint finish
  • Insulating varnish or oil resistant paint for tank interior.